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3:15PM Instant Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea 15 sachets 10.58 Oz (300 g) - 3点一刻冲绳黑糖奶茶

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  • 3:15PM Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea is an instant milk tea made using the manufacturing method of Japanese Okinawa brown sugar, with high-quality black tea and Taiwan oolong tea, blended into exclusive Okinawa brown sugar flavor milk tea
  • The warm Okinawa brown sugar milk tea is a well sought solution to relieve menstrual discomfort
  • Mr. Zhu Junhong, a tea farmer who loves tea, is not only the general manager of Shicheng Industry, but also a child of tea farmers from Songbaikeng, Nantou tea village
  • He learned Taiwanese tea from the bottom of his heart and loved Taiwanese tea. He didn't want to leave too many tea leaves discarded and wasted because of the non-production season. General Manager Zhu established 3:15 PM tea line to allow Taiwanese tea to shine dazzlingly around the world, and to allow fragrant and high-quality Taiwanese tea, as well as tea farmers who carefully plant good tea, to find love at 3:15
  • Product of Taiwan


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