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4" x 6" Fanfold Direct Thermal Labels - White Shipping Mailing Postage Labels, Perforated, Permanent Adhesive (4 Stacks - 4000 Labels)

SKU: 4x6 Thermal LABEL
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The direct thermal material is a smooth, bright white paper with a high sensitivity thermal coating.

It is backed with permanent adhesive. Ideal for high speed direct thermal printers and does not require a ribbon to print.

✔Our mailing labels are perfect for printing ups labels, fedex shipping labels, postage and mailing labels, shipping labels, receipts, name tags, picking and event tickets, direct thermal labels do not require ink, toner or a transfer ribbon.

✔The white thermal printer labels are also great as carton labels, barcode labels, personalized labels and more. 

✔The label has a special heat-activated layer where a black print image is formed on the label as heat from the print head is applied. 

✔Eliminating the ribbon makes for easier use and a lower cost per label, but not without sacrificing durability. Direct thermal labels are not recommended for demanding condition, such as outdoors.

Label Size
4 inches by 6 inches with perforated line; 1000 labels per stack

Compatible :
100% compatible with but not limited to Zebra, Fargo, Elton, Datamax, Sato, Intermec, NEX and other direct thermal printers

Our thermal labels are water-resistant, grease-resistant and alcohol-resistant for super durability

Permanent self-adhesive white mailing labels with round corner for easy peel and stick


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