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ASMPET Chicken Wrap Knotted Bones - 6.5", 300g (10.6 oz)

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ASMPET Dog Treats: Long-Lasting Training Chewy Snacks, Wrap Knotted Bones, Grain-Free, All-Natural Cod Twist Sticks

Do you know that since its inception in 2004, Yantai Sweet Pet Products Co., Ltd. has upheld the motto "Good Faith, Customer First," placing the needs of its clients first. They have innovative production tools, qualified designers, and skilled work teams thanks to years of development. They sincerely hope that all of the world's pets will be nice in the future! And they hope that visitors would come to their firm, make nice contacts, and expand alongside us.

• This product comes with 300 grams of Chicken Wrap Knotted Bones per bag with 6.5 inches each 4 pieces!
• For cleaner teeth and fresher breath, our dog's rawhide bones help eliminate plaque and tartar. It enhances oral hygiene and healthy gums, lessens plaque and tartar, maintains dogs' jaws strong, and makes their breath smell better.
• The bag is resealable, which locks in freshness and prevents odors from escaping, preventing long-term drying and inedibility. 

• These durable snacks will fulfill your dog's natural drive to chew while keeping them engaged and occupied for hours.
• All snacks are prepared by hand with rawhide and 100% natural chicken breast, free of any dangerous additives.
• It has 1% Taurine that can improve heart conditions, help brain development protect the retina and prevent diseases
• Provides safe snacks for pet who is allergic to food or has a sensitive stomach.
• Carefully cooked rawhide sticks and high-protein, low-fat chicken breast for the best taste and quality.
• This product was imported directly from China!

Small Dogs (6-25 lbs) 1 piece a day
Medium Dogs (25-50 lbs) 2 pieces a day
Large Dogs (over 50 lbs) 3 pieces a day

Rawhide Knot Bone 75%, Chicken 18%, Glycerin 2%, Peanut protein 2%, Cassava starch 1%, Sorbitol 0.2%, Taurine 1%

Protein ≥ 79%
Fat ≤2%
Fiber ≤2%
Ash ≤3%
Moisture ≤19%

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