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BAIYUANSHAN Anti-Inflammatory Analgesic Paste, 1 Box (10 stickers)

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Whenever we travel, we should always include an anti-inflammatory paste by OTC because we never know what will happen outside!

DO YOU KNOW THAT: At least 7,000 years ago, plaster was initially employed as a building material and for ornamentation in the Middle East. Gypsum was used to make plaster in Egypt, which was then utilized as a mortar between the pyramid's stone blocks and to give surfaces a smooth finish. Gypsum was burned in open flames before being ground into a powder and combined with water.

• This product comes with 1 box of Anti-Inflammatory Analgesic Paste which consists of 5 patches per bag, 2 bags per box.
• It has a product dimension of 10cm*7cm for 1 sticker
• With a small, round opening and a pleasant scent, this product is a light yellow to light brown elastic sheet plaster.
• The heaviest, most overworked muscles and joints are penetrated and warmed by musk and a variety of herbs here. Ache and pain relief from rheumatism, arthralgia, lumbago, neuralgia, muscular aches, sprains, and contusions.
• Within a 12-hour period, every plaster is effective and can relieve pain. Direct application of this plaster to the lesion.
• A treatment regimen of every 10 days can entirely reduce aseptic inflammation. It is 93.7% effective.
• This product was imported directly from China!

External use, stick on the affected part. Clean up the affected part before use. Put the elasticity direction of patch consistent with the joint action.


Musk, Borneal, Cricket, Psuedoginseng Red Flower, Active Magnet, And Several Chinese Medicines, Smells Like Musk.

Capsicum 3%
Camphor 3%
External Analgesic
External Analgesic

Keep out reach of Children. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid use during pregnancy.


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