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ChekHup 2 in 1 No Added Sugar Ipoh White Coffee and Creamer 12.7 Oz (360 mg) - 泽合2合一怡保白咖啡无糖

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  • Selected and precious Arabica coffee beans are roasted at low temperature, blended with top Royal Royal Skim Creamer with less sugar and a stronger coffee flavor, which meets the needs of modern people for health and wellness
  • Ipoh is a city in northern Malaysia and the origin of white coffee. ChekHup White Coffee from Ipoh is famous for its unique aroma and taste
  • Fragrant roasted high-grade coffee beans, carefully brewed, carefully blended with high-quality creamer and special-grade cane sugar, all in the attractive fragrance. The mouth is fragrant and smooth, which is satisfying
  • Chek Hup Ipoh White Coffee is famous for it's unique aroma and taste. Finely roasted high grade coffee beans, meticulously brewed to perfection and carefully blended with quality creamer and premium cane sugar to capture all the robust aroma, a richer taste, creamier and more satisfying
  • Product of Malaysia


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