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Emperor Love Instant Black Beans Roasted Rice Matcha Latte 12 Packs 8.8 Oz (252 g) - 黑豆玄米抹茶拿铁

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  • Emperor Love Black Beans Roasted Rice Matcha Latte is made of fresh tea leaves and processed into this delicious instant tea powder. It does not contain trans fat and artificial flavor. It is strictly tested by SGS and guaranteed 100% peace of mind.
  •  Emperor Love works with Taiwan Farmers, do not their mix teas, and do not make any genetic modifications.
    - In order to conform to the natural cultivation methods, Emperor Love has done a spectacular job of soil and water conservation and protect the mountain forest environment.
    - The compound tea is selected from the raw materials of flowers and fruits imported from Germany.
    - Each batch of tea has been strictly SGS tested for more than 400 SGS pesticide residues
  • Product of Taiwan