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Foojoy Lungching Green Tea 75 Tea Bags 5.29 Oz (150 g) - 福字 茗茶西湖龙井绿茶 150克

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  • The best known of prized green teas, also know as Dragonwell or Lung Jing. Is a spring tea from the West Lake region of Zhejiang. This tea brews golden green and has an elegant sweet aftertaste. Individually wrap.
  • Longjing Tea, or Dragon Well Tea in China, is a kind of green tea as well as the most popular tea in China. It is reputed for its green color, beautiful shape, long-lasting fragrance and mellow taste.
  • It is mainly produced in mountains surrounding West Lake in Hangzhou with mild temperature, abundant rainfall and diffuse sunlight, hence people also call it West Lake Longjing Tea. The five major areas are Shifeng Mountain, Wengjia Mountain, Hupao Mountain, Meijiawu and Lingyin Mountain
  • Product of China
  • 12Q/C


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