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High Quality Fresh Frozen Durian From Vietnam 冷凍榴蓮一個 4-6 Lbs x 5/Case

SKU: Viet-5Durian-14kg
$ 180.00
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High Quality Fresh Frozen Durian from Vietnam is a treat that will satisfy the cravings of any durian lover. Known as the "King of Fruits," durian is a unique tropical fruit with a creamy texture and a distinctive aroma that is both loved and loathed.
         •  This High Quality Fresh Frozen Durian is perfect for those who want to enjoy the delicious taste and health benefits of durian all year round.
         •   The taste and flavor of High Quality Fresh Frozen Durian from Vietnam are nothing short of amazing.
         •   It has a unique and complex flavor profile that is both sweet and savory, with notes of caramel, vanilla, and almond.
         •   BENEFITS:  Durian is high in fiber, potassium, and vitamin C, and is also a good source of healthy fats. It has been known to aid digestion, boost energy levels, and improve skin health. It is a great addition to any healthy diet and lifestyle.
         •   You can simply enjoy it as a snack or dessert on its own, or pair it with other fruits for a tropical fruit salad.
         •   The texture and consistency of High Quality Fresh Frozen Durian from Vietnam are creamy and soft, with a custard-like texture.
         •  This product was imported directly from Vietnam.

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