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Lung Ching Peanut Toffee Original Flavor 9.52 Oz (270 g) - 龙情一口软花生糖原味 9.52 Oz (270 g)

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  • Taiwan's famous product "Longqing Food" started with authentic peanut candy, which has led to the development of Longtan's famous peanut jelly
  • After years of research and development and innovation, it has become the most professional and unique souvenir in Taiwan and was selected as one of the top ten companions in Taoyuan Souvenirs, no matter rewarding employees, giving gifts on New Year's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes, or accompanying souvenirs, all can satisfy you at once!
  • Finding Longqing Peanut Candy as a gift is your best choice!
  • Sweet Toffee
  • Product of Taiwan


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