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Takis Fuego Mini Bite Size Hot Chili Pepper and Lime Tortilla Chips 26.23 Oz (35 g)

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  • Do you have what it takes to handle the intensity of Takis Fuego Mini rolled tortilla chips? Are you able to stand a crunchy bite of our full-on flavor? Takis Fuego Chips are no ordinary corn chips - Oh, no. Takis Fuego Chips are only for the strong, the brave, and the daring
  • Takis Fuego Chips combine the taste of fire and a bite of lava to send your tongue fire-walking. Containing an intense flavor combination of hot chili pepper and lime, Takis Fuego rolled tortilla chips are rated "Extreme" for extreme heat and extreme taste. Are they meant for you? Open a bag today and see - Are you Takis enough?"
  • Product of USA
  • 5Q/C


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