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THS 100% Organic Ti Kuan Yin | Chinese Oolong Herbal Tea | Tie Guan Yin - 100 sachets 7 Oz (200 g) - 天湖山铁观音

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  • This organic loose leaf oolong tea is one of the most complex teas to make. The processing of Tieguanyin tea (TGY) requires expertise. Even if the tea leaf is of high raw quality, and is plucked at the ideal time, if it is not processed correctly its true character will not be shown. This is why the method of processing Tieguanyin Tea was kept a secret
  • In China, oolong tea has traditionally been used for weight loss. To validate this practice, Physiologist Dr. William Rumpler, of the US Agriculture Research Services’ Diet and Human Laboratory, investigated oolong tea’s weight loss benefits.
  • THS Organic Tea is yielded according to organic agricultural producing system and methods, it is not allowed to be polluted any chemicals during the process of packing and delivering. This tea is made in Fujian
  • Organic Certified
  • Product of China


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