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LEE KUM KEE Chiu Chow Style Chili Oil 7.2 Oz (205 g)

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  • A savory chili sauce made from preserved chilies prepared according to an authentic recipe from Chiu Chow, China. Excellent for dips and stir-fries, it is also delicious with noodles
  • Ingredients: Soybean oil, water, dehydrated garlic, dried chili peppers, salted chili peppers (chili peppers, salt), soy sauce (water, salt, soybeans, wheat flour), salt, sesame oil, sugar, disodium 5'-inosinate and disodium 5'-guanylate as flavor enhancers
  • Allergens: Soybeans, wheat
  • 7.2 oz Jar
  • Product of China


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