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CORIS Horadekita Chocolate Banana Chewing Candy DIY, 36g

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Have you tried to eat Banana Candy?

An original kit from CORIS where you create cute mini decorated chocolate banana candies. This is a do-it-yourself set to make your own chocolate banana candy from delicious edible candy material. By dipping the banana-flavored candy into the chocolate cream and candy powder you can make it into a sweet chocolate banana candy. 

• It has a product size of  17.5 x 11 x 2 cm pack! 
• The package includes 6x banana candies, a bag of chocolate cream, candy powder and sticks 
• This set is great fun for children and adults alike where you can also share this kind of activity with your family and friends!
• This product was imported directly from Japan! 

Banana flavor: sugar, maltose syrup, processed fats and oils, maltose syrup, gelatin, starch, humectant E420, emulsifier, fragrance, acidity regulators, glazing agent, flavonoid. Chocolate: sugar, processed fats and oils, cocoa powder, whole milk powder, cocoa mass), emulsifier (soybeans), fragrance, sugar, starch, thickening agent, colors E163-E160a-E165, acidity regulators, milk. gelatin, soybean. Manufactured in a facility that also processes egg. May have a laxative effect on sensitive individuals.

Protein 2.8g, salt 0.1g, carbohydrate 75g (sugar 75g), calories 472Kcal, total fat 19.4g (saturated fat 0g).

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  • 12Q/C


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