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CORIS Omiseya-san Sweet Shop Soft Candy, 18g (0.6oz)

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Want to make a vegetable + fruit-shaped candy?

We have the Omiseya-san Sweet Shop Soft Candy for 18 grams! Pretend you run your own vegetable shop with these cute gummies. Then eat them all up! They're certainly one way to make you eat all your vegetables!

• It's easy and exciting! This is an educational confectionery series that makes children crazy because the process of making is fun. 
• The product size is at approximately 19x11.5x1cmper pack.
• You can play with three colors of soft candy, grape flavor, apple flavor and lemon flavor. There are 4 types in total.
• You can play the vegetables and fruits you made side by side on the mount! Because it is a handmade confectionery made by mixing soft candy or putting it in a mold.
Made in Japan! 

Sugar, water candy, processed fats and oils, gelatin, starch, reduced water candy / sorbitol, emulsifiers, acidulants, flavors, coloring agents (anthocyanins, flavonoids, cutinashi, carotinoids), thickeners (pullulan)

Store away from direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity.

The mold is made with safety in mind, but please handle it with care for small children.

Let's make it in a festive mood!

  • 12Q/C


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