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DETTOL Liquid Chloroxylenol 4.8% w/v Antiseptic 750ml

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• This product comes with 750 milliliter in total of Liquid Chloroxylenol 4.8% w/v Antiseptic per bottle!
• This product was imported directly from United Kingdom!
• Chloroxylenol 4.8% w/v Dettol Liquid is an effective concentrated antiseptic solution that kills bacteria and protects against the germs which can cause infection and illness.
• It can be used for antiseptic cleansing of minor wounds caused by cuts, bites, grazes, insect stings; for dandruff, spots and pimples and if medically advised, for personal hygiene;
First Aid: For cleaning of cuts, bites, abrasions, insect bites, and stings.
Bathing: For the antibacterial treatment of water used for personal hygiene.
Surface cleaning: For disinfecting floors and hard surface areas.
Laundry: For sanitizing linens, undergarments, and clothes.

Use of Dettol Liquid; For application to the skin.

Wound cleansing: Wash the affected area with two and a half teaspoons (12.5ml) of Dettol liquid diluted in ¹/2 pint (1/4 litre) water. Cover with dry gauze or lint.

Personal hygiene/douching: When medically advised; Two teaspoons (10mls) in 2 pints (1L) water.

Dandruff: One tablespoon in 1pt (1/2 L) warm water. Pour over scalp. Leave for 10 mins before shampooing.

Spots and pimples: One tablespoon (15ml) in 1/2 pt (1/4 L) of warm water. Bathe affected area daily.

If contact is made with the eyes: Wash them thoroughly with cold water. If swallowed, wash out mouth and drink plenty of water or milk. In both cases, consult a doctor and
take this bottle with you.

Possible side effects: If you have any side effects after using this product, talk to a pharmacist.

Reporting of side effects: If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. This Includes any possible side effects not listed in this leaflet. 


• Do not use Dettol Liquid on eczema or similar dry skin conditions if you are allergic to chloroxylenol or any of the other ingredients after the expiry date printed on the bottle.
• Do not use undiluted.
• Do not swallow it is not recommended to use around cats.
• Keep out of the sight and reach of children. Dettol Liquid contains Chloroxylenol 4.8% w/v as the active substance and pine oll, Isopropyl alcohol and caustic soda solution. • Also contains castor oil which may cause skin reactions.


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