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MINAMI FOODS, Iwate Sanriku Sountern Yubato Wakame Seaweed Additive - 5 meals, Soy Sauce Flavor, 65g

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What is Iwate's Wakame Seaweed?

• From Southern junior high school. It has chemical seasonings and fragrance and additive-free and color-free
• It is Iwate Prefecture 100% soybeans, it can use of Kita Sanriku and natural water
• Use to enhance the flavor of soup or stew
• Dried seaweed
• It is  made only with natural water pumped from the Hanaoka rock layer of Sanriku. Hot water is handmade and naturally dried over time and it returns well and gives a smooth texture
• Good for 1-2 per serving!
• Proudly made in Japan! 

Put a small bag in a bowl and hot water (about 90 ℃ 180ml)
Pour, then add the soup base (diluted sauce).
It will be ready in 1 to 2 minutes. Chopped green onions to your liking
If you add it, you can enjoy it more deliciously. .

Preservation method: Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity


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