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Wel-Pac Fueru Wakame Dried Seaweed 2 Oz (56.7 g)

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  • Dried Kombu Seaweed (Laminaria Japonica)
  • Superior Flavor
  • Harvested and processed using traditional methods
  • Easy seal packaging
  • Wakame seaweed is one of the healthiest japanese foods due to being rich in vitamins, minerals and even a compound called fucoxanthin which has shown to help burn fatty tissue. In japan, eating wakame is often considered one of the best ways to get a smooth complexion and soft, luxurious hair. Usually used for miso soup and salad. Wel pac fueru wakame dried seaweed used for salad, vinegar dishes, miso soup, ramen and endless counts of combination.
  • Use fuera wakame in your favorite miso soup, suno-mono vinegard salads, ramen, or udon. Fueru wakame can also act as an elegant garnish for sashimi sliced fish platters. Fueru wakame is convenient and easy to use - simply add cold or hot water and wait about five minutes, or or until rehydrated and desired tenderness is reached. Drain well. Add to soups and salads


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