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FUJIYA Peko Chan Pop Candy, 4.2oz (121g)

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Do you love candies? We have got something for you!

BRAND CHECK: Beginning in 1951, Fujiya Milky began making candies. These confections are manufactured with premium ingredients sourced from Japan's Hokkaido region. This candy bag features Peko-Chan, a well-known mascot for Fujiya.

• This product comes with 121 grams of peko chan pop candies per sachet!
• A limited-edition "Fuji apple" taste lollipop that comes in four flavors: grape, orange, strawberry, and so on.
• You can play rock-paper-scissors and find reliefs of goo, choki, par, and hearts in the contents.
• The green tea polyphenols in the lollipops make them favorable to teeth.
• The lollipops in the bag are excellent for parties and gift bags, and there are enough to enjoy with all of your family and friends. Yum!
• This product was imported directly from Japan!

sugar, corn syrup, fruit paste (grape, orange, strawberry), citric acid, artificial flavor, anthocyanin extract, b-carotene, tea extract.

This product is manufactured in a facility that uses milk. After opening, it is easy to get damp and the smell is easy to transfer. Place in a sealed container and consume as soon as possible.

Children should not put the stick in their mouth. Do not play with it or accidentally swallow it. Please be careful.


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