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Golden Nest Premium Bird’s Nest Soup - Original - 6 bottles x 2.5 Oz (75ml)

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Golden Nest Bird Nest product families are uniquely formulated using only the top quality raw bird nest as ingredients that has been manually cleaned using simple, but slow and patient hand cleaning process without the use of any bleaching agent. Our gentle, on-of-a-kind cooking technique that is similarly applied in the baby food industry, yields a product that has the special texture and distinctive aroma of home cooking bird nest. Without the use of any preservative, our product is safe and suitable for consumption by all ages.

Golden Nest is completely made at our GMP & HACCP certified facility, that is also a FDA registered facility in California, USA.

  • Golden Nest Premium Bird’s Nest Soup - Original Rock Sugar - 6 bottles x  2.5 Oz (75ml)
  • Product of USA
  • Usa Most Trusted Brand
  • 100% All Natural Genuine Birds’ Nest
  • Ultra Premium Quality


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