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JIAOLISHI, Soda Biscuits Seawood Flavor 408g (14.3oz)

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Wants a healthy snack?

We have the Soda Biscuits Seawood Flavor by Jiao Li Shi! A daily electives breakfast supplements seaweed-flavored soda, crispy on the outside, delicious and healthy. 

• Delicious and not greasy, full of fragrance, nori-flavored soda, crispy and not too sweet.
• The Secret Recipe of Love for an intimate conversation with a baker yeast fermentation, yeast leaven, easier to absorb which has a puff pastry structure loose and porous fluffy and crispy.
• It is carefully selected wheat flour high quality edible salt and which elaborately crafted.
• Has a shelf life of up to 12-months!
Made in China

Wheat flour, palm oil, corn starch, dried chives, salt, yeast, food additives (sodium bicarbonate, dicalcium phosphate).

Keep away from light, and store in a cool or dry place. 

Eat if the product is of high quality due to improper protection. 

A Trendy Biscuit for all!


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