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KIKKOMAN Sushi and Sashimi Soy Sauce 10 FL Oz (296 mL)

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  • Premium quality
  • Sushi, whether served as an appetizer, snack or full meal has become one of the fastest growing food items during the past several years
  • To truly enjoy this vinegar-seasoned rice topped with a thin slice of raw or cooked seafood, or filled and rolled with avocado and crabmeat, Kikkoman has produced a special soy sauce
  • It is milder, better balanced between sweetness and saltiness and complements the flavors in sushi
  • Sashimi too is enhanced when dipped in this soy sauce
  • A special natural flavoring is added to heighten the flavor of seafood
  • Or, use Sushi & Sashimi Soy Sauce as a low-calorie salad dressing; dipping sauces for broiled or grilled steaks, chicken or fish; or sprinkle it over hot steamed rice
  • Product of USA


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