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Kimbo Brand Pork Sung Cooked Dried Pork 18 Oz (1LB. 2 Oz.)-金宝 肉酥

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  • Kimbo Pork Sung Pork Floss, Rousong is dry, shredded pork. Typically, this pork floss, or pork fu is used for topping congee, garnishing for savory pastries, or as an addition to rice porridge. Roufu is thicker and more textured than Rousoung, or Pork Sung, leading to different uses in the two shredded pork. Sometimes referred to as Chinese cotton candy, this meat floss has a texture similar to coarse cotton and tastes like soy saucy sweetened, salty pork. One may even think of it as a shredded pork jerky
  • Add it to your congee or porridge, rice balls, eggs, or pastries, the possibilities are endless!
  • Distinguishable by the red or blue labels, Kimbo pork floss is a popular staple in many Asian households as a condiment and a topping
  • 12Q/C


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