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MIT Shitake Mushroom 16 Oz (454 g) - 茶花菇

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  • Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory
  • The unique nutrient in shiitake mushrooms that appears to increase our chances for better blood pressure regulation.
  • New research has shown that a relatively small daily amount of dried shiitake mushroom (5 grams of dried mushroom, which is the equivalent of 1-ounce fresh mushroom or less than one large shiitake mushroom) can provide measurable anti-inflammatory benefits. This finding is great news for anyone who is interested in bringing small amounts of shiitake mushrooms into his or her diet, without necessarily making it any sort of dietary focus
  • Shiitake often make their home on hardwood trees, they are have special enzyme systems for breaking down wood components, and these systems also provide them with unique nutrient features
  • Contains Sulfites
  • Storage: Avoid High Temperature, Humidity And Direct Sunlight


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