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NIVEA Creme 60mL

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BRAND CHECK: Nivea's goal is to provide consumers with high-quality skincare products that are effective and affordable. They want to help people achieve their best skin, no matter their skin type or budget.

Step into the world of timeless skincare with Nivea Creme, a beloved classic now available in a compact 60-milliliter container. This little treasure is more than just a moisturizer—it's a skincare icon that has stood the test of time, offering nourishment and hydration to generations.
• With its creamy texture that feels like a luxurious treat for your skin, Nivea Creme is a versatile companion. It's not just for your hands or face; it's a solution for every part of your body that craves intense moisture. From elbows to knees, this creme is your go-to for a touch of indulgence and a burst of hydration.
• What makes Nivea Creme a standout is its ability to deeply moisturize without leaving a greasy residue. The rich and smooth consistency glides effortlessly onto your skin, absorbing quickly to unveil a velvety softness. It's the kind of skincare experience that feels like a comforting hug for your skin, keeping it supple and radiant.
• The heart of Nivea Creme's magic lies in its fundamental function—to moisturize and hydrate. This isn't just about addressing dryness; it's a commitment to maintaining healthy, well-nourished skin. Whether it's a part of your daily skincare routine or a targeted treatment for specific areas, Nivea Creme is designed to make your skin feel pampered.
• Application is a breeze; a small amount goes a long way. Simply massage it onto clean, dry skin, and let the creme work its wonders. Use it as a daily moisturizer for that touch of everyday luxury or as a rescue remedy for areas that need extra care.
• Nivea Creme is your on-the-go skincare companion. Toss it in your bag, keep it in your desk drawer, or pack it for your travels—wherever you are, Nivea Creme is there to bring a little bit of skincare joy into your life. Experience the timeless magic of Nivea Creme, where every application is a celebration of your skin's well-being.
• This product was imported directly from Germany!


• Intensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin
• Protects the skin from dryness and environmental damage
• Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin
• Non-greasy and absorbs quickly
• Pleasant, light scent

• Rich and creamy formula
• Enriched with Eucerit, a skin-related ingredient
• Dermatologist tested and approved

Aqua, paraffinum liquidum, cera micristallina, glycerin, lanolin alcohol (eucerit), paraffin, panthenol, magnesium sulfate, decyl oleate, octyldodecanol, aluminum stearates, citric acid, magnesium stearate, parfum.


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