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HERBAL DOCTOR, Semen Coicis Premium Choice 10oz (285g)

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 Want to reduce weight? Semen Coicis's got your back! 

• It has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity activity, which can stimulate reproductive hormones, promote uterine contraction and cleanse your gut.
• Good for 12 serving per container, size should be 2/3 cup (28g)
Less hassle because it is quick and easy to cook for more than 10 minutes in boiling water above 100°C before serving.
It has 30% calories and rich in calcium, protein (3g), vitamin D (2mcg), iron (8mg), potassium (235mg).
• Proudly made  in China!

Those who are fat and rough type of skin this product is effective for long-term use.


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