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SHIRAKIKU Katsuo Udon Bowl Katsuo Flavor, 7.79oz (221g)

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Imagine being able to taste fresh Japanese-style udon noodles with Shirakiku Katsuo Udon Bowl in just 2–5 minutes from now.

BRAND CHECK: Shirakiku is a private brand owned by Wismettac Asian Foods that was created in response to a need in the American Japanese markets. Shirakiku foods have become more widely available in mainstream American grocers and eateries, as well as the larger Asian community. The company's brand is now widely available and has become synonymous with Nishimoto Trading.

• This product comes with 7.79 ounce of atsuo Udon Bowl Katsuo Flavor per cup and individually wrapped to preserved freshness!
• There are 4 pouches total. One has "noodle loaf," which is a vaguely rectangular mound of pre-cooked thick noodles. The remaining ones have a typical watery soup base, decent veggie chunks, and fish flakes. Fish that is dried out and flaking, resembling bacon bits in the seafood world.
• It encompasses brown broth, big, amiable noodles, appetizing-looking veggies, and fish that has kind of disintegrated into bits that attach to the noodles as they lift up out of the bowl, which is ideal. It also smells like soy, fish, and vegetables.
• If you don't feel like cooking, just combine the ingredients in a bowl that have been conveniently wrapped, heat, and enjoy!
• This product was imported directly from Korea!

This product contains wheat, Soybean, Bonito, Anchovy

Cook with a pot: Boil the water in the pot. Then put in the noodles into the water for 1-2 minutess, then turn off the fire. Take out the noodle from the pot, then put in all the spice packets into the water. Mix it well and you can add more add-ons like green onion, vegetables, and even meat into the soup to make it extra tasty.

Instant cooking method: Open the packets and place the noodle and spices into a microwaveable bowl. Then add in 500ml of boiled water and cover the bowl. Wait for 5 minutes and the noodle is ready to be serve.

Instant Cup: Fill cup with hot water to cover entire noodle. Wait for 5 minutes and the noodle is ready to serve.

Noodle - Wheat Flour, Modified Tapioca Starch, Salt, Corn Oil, Lactic Acid, Acetic Acid Water

Liquid Soup - Soy Sauce, Bonito Extract, Anchovy Extract, Malt Syrup Sugar, Salt.

Dried Flake - Green Onion, Fried Starch, Red Pepper Powder, Laver, Dehydrated Fish Cake, Roasted Bonito Flake.

Contents are hot after heating. Handle with care. 

Store in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.


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