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Takis Fuego Hot Chili Pepper and Lime Tortillas Chips Extreme Hot 4 Oz (113.4 g)

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  • When it's time for snacking, reach for a bag of Takis Tortilla Chips Hot Chili Pepper and Lime, Chile y Limon for something deliciously different
  • Takis are more than your basic tortilla chip
  • Takis Fuego chips are a bold step beyond, with a distinctive rolled shape that packs way more crunch than traditional tortilla chips or rounds
  • They start with real corn masa for an authentic taste and high-quality ingredients to ensure you get incredible tasting chips
  • The chips are liberally coated in fiery, zesty seasonings with a hint of lime for serious heat that still packs a punch of flavor
  • Takis Fuego hot chili pepper lime chips contain no trans fat, cholesterol or sugars.
  • They're a surprisingly good source of fiber, with 2g of protein and only 150 calories per serving
  • Each bag 4 oz bag 
  • 20Q/C


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