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WANT WANT QQ Gummy Candy in Cola Flavor, 20g

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Want Want QQ Gummy Candy in Cola Flavor, the newest and best! Want-Want has a long history of producing gummy candies, and QQ Gummy is no exception. We consistently improve our formula to take our gummy candy to new heights as one of the biggest gummy makers in all of Asia. 

BACKGROUND CHECK: There is little question that the gelatinous, rainbow-colored candies that most of us first learned to know and love simply as "gummy bears" are among the most popular sweets in the entire globe. No matter how you refer to them—"gummy" or "gummi," whether you choose bears or worms, Haribo or Black Forest—or anything else.

• This product comes with 20 grams of gummy soft candy per sachet!
• They have the perfect amount of sweetness and a strong cola flavor, but what you can't really tell from the picture is that the gummies themselves look fantastic.
• They are tiny bottles that have a "half full" appearance and are quite adorable.
Perfect for your kids since it's soft, safe, and edible. You can also share it with you family and friends.
• This product was imported directly from China!

Produced in a factory where milk, soybean are also handled.

Maltose, Sugar, Food Additives (Thickeners (E441, E440), Anti-oxidants (E330, E331, E300), Colour (E150), Canauba Wax), Glucose, Food Flavour.

Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight

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