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Ahmad "Beauty" Tea Peach, Carob & Rose Petals Infused Tea 1.4 Oz (40 g) - 20 Sachets

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  • Not had your beauty sleep? Don’t worry, our Beauty Infusion will help you regain your natural glow. Soft, juicy peach and luxurious aloe vera blend with lemon verbena and carob to deliver a naturally sweet and enriching herbal tea
  • Aloe vera’s gel-like nectar has long been revered for its enriching properties. While often found in skincare products, aloe is known to work wonders inside the body too
  • Roast carob bean and chicory give a rich sweet back note, while rose and linden flowers accentuate the romantic fragrances. Altogether, this golden brew is full of fruity aromas and fairy-tale flavours to help refresh and rejuvenate you in style
  • Comes with 20 Sachets 
  • Product of UK