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Badia Garlic Powder 16 Oz (453.6 g) - Ajo en Polvo

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BRAND CHECK: One of the top Hispanic food brands today, Badia Spices was founded in 1967 by Jose Badia. More than 70 nations throughout the world receive the spices, seasoning mixes, marinades, sauces, teas, and other products that Badia produces, packages, and exports. The audit conducted by Badia Spices is regarded as one of the most exacting and reliable food safety management systems available today.

• This product contains 16 ounces of Badia Garlic Powder per tall container!
•  You'll love the taste of our garlic powder in your favorite recipes! Created using the freshest ingredients, it's a healthy alternative to garlic salt.
• Garlic is one of the most helpful and enticing condiments. It is perfect for pastas, rice, poultry, steak, fish, and all vegetables. A flavor that is rich, sharp, and aromatic all of the basic components used to make garlic powder are dehydrated and crushed.
• Our garlic powder is made from ground, dehydrated garlic cloves. That's it. There's no added anything and you can use it just like fresh garlic.
• It can be used to improve the flavor of your food, add pizzazz to a dish and perfume dishes. Garlic powder is a blend of dehydrated, crushed garlic cloves.
• The powder is made from all-natural, dried garlic cloves and dehydrated. This means it has no preservatives, starch or salt which makes it healthier than garlic in oil form.
• This product was imported directly from United States of America!



Store in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.


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