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Bali's Best Coffee Candy 5.3 Oz (150 g)

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  • Bag with 42 Individually Wrapped Candies
  • Indulge in our coffee candy that is center-filled with rich, creamy latte. Deliciously sweet, the frothy, milky center is a pleasant surprise. Savor the creamy goodness as it melts is your mouth. Delicately balanced with the coffee’s bold and earthy notes, this candy is ideal as a dessert or any time of day. Wonderfully refreshing!
  • The Arabica coffee that is used in Bali's Best originates solely from the Toraja province in the northern Indonesian islands, of on the finest growing areas in that area. Rooted with a deep sense of cultural history, the coffee is carefully harvested, graded, and hand sorted by the local villagers. Toraja coffee is considered by connoisseurs to be among the finest and rarest in the world
  • Product of Indonesia