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CAVALIER Fold & Close Sandwich Bags with 150 Bags (15.8cm x 13.9cm)

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BRAND CHECK: Plastic food wrap, commonly known as plastic cling film or plastic wrap, has its origin in the mid-20th century. Its development is attributed to Ralph and Robert Dewey, who were American inventors and entrepreneurs.

Welcome to the world of culinary convenience with Cavalier Fold & Close Sandwich Bags – your perfect companions for meals on the move. In this pack of 150, each bag is a promise of hassle-free, delicious bites wherever life takes you.
• These bags are more than just storage; they're versatile kitchen assistants. Perfect for sandwiches, wraps, or your favorite snacks, their fold-and-close design ensures a secure fit, making them your go-to for lunches, picnics, or that mid-afternoon craving.
• Feel the smooth texture of these bags as they cradle your meals with care. Crafted for reliability, they keep your food fresh and intact, whether it's a hearty sandwich or a handful of your favorite treats. The consistent design adapts effortlessly to various shapes and sizes, providing a tailored fit for every snack.
• At the heart of Cavalier Fold & Close Sandwich Bags is a mission to simplify your food storage and transport. With 150 bags ready to go, you have a stash that lasts through multiple adventures. Whether you're packing lunch for work or preparing snacks for a road trip, these bags ensure your food stays tasty and enjoyable.
• Versatile, reliable, and boasting a smooth texture, these bags redefine on-the-go meals. Elevate your food game with the practical features of Cavalier Fold & Close Sandwich Bags – because great meals should follow you wherever you go.
• This product was imported directly from India!


• Keep your sandwiches fresh and delicious all day long
• Easy to open and close with a secure fold-and-close seal
• Leak-proof to prevent spills and messes
• BPA-free and safe for food contact


• Fold-and-close seal for a secure closure
• Leak-proof design to prevent spills and messes
• BPA-free and safe for food contact

1. Tuck the flap inside the bag,
2. Fold cuff over end of bag.
3. Sandwich is locked in.


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