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FOILRITE 7 Round Shape Disposable Aluminum Pan with Dome Lid 14PK

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FUN FACT: The breakthrough for aluminum containers came with the development of alloys and techniques that made aluminum suitable for use in packaging. The lightweight, non-corrosive, and malleable nature of aluminum made it an excellent material for packaging applications.

Introducing Foilrite's 7 Round Shape Disposable Aluminum Pan with Dome Lid—a kitchen game-changer that brings versatility and style to your culinary adventures. With a generous 14 packs per container, this set of aluminum pans is here to redefine convenience in your cooking and serving routine.
• Crafted with convenience in mind, these round-shaped pans with dome lids are your go-to solution for a myriad of uses. From baking delightful pies to creating savory casseroles, these pans are a kitchen essential. With 14 packs in each set, you're well-equipped for various cooking endeavors and even gifting your homemade treats to friends and family.
Unleash the versatility of these aluminum pans beyond baking—they're perfect for organizing, storing ingredients, and serving appetizers with a touch of elegance. The round shape adds a stylish flair to your presentation, making these pans suitable for any occasion. The aluminum construction ensures even heating, promising consistent and delicious results every time.
• Feel the sturdy texture and reliable consistency of Foilrite's Disposable Aluminum Pans as you cook and serve with confidence. The durable aluminum material strikes the perfect balance between strength and flexibility, making handling a breeze. The dome lids provide a secure fit, allowing for convenient storage or transport while preserving the freshness of your culinary creations.
• The primary function of Foilrite's 7 Round Shape Disposable Aluminum Pan with Dome Lid is to simplify your kitchen routine. From preparing delightful desserts to transporting dishes for potlucks, these pans are your trusty companions. With 14 packs in each container, you have the perfect kitchen ally to make every cooking and serving experience a breeze.
• Foilrite's Disposable Aluminum Pans with Dome Lid redefine convenience and style in the kitchen. With features designed for ease of use and consistent results, these pans are the ideal solution for various culinary tasks. Elevate your cooking and presentation with the practical features of Foilrite's 7 Round Shape Disposable Aluminum Pan with Dome Lid.
• This product was imported directly from China!


• Convenient and disposable
• Keeps food fresh and flavorful
• Safe for baking, reheating, and storing in the fridge or freezer
• Stackable for easy storage and organization
• Clear plastic dome lid provides excellent visibility and extra room for food
• Perfect for take-out, potlucks, and picnics


• Heavy-gauge aluminum pan for durability
• Clear plastic dome lid locks in flavor and temperature
• Leak-proof and grease-proof
• Disposable for easy cleanup


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