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FOILRITE Rectanguar Shape Disposable Aluminum Pan with Dome Lid 14PK (2 1/4lb)

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FUN FACT: The breakthrough for aluminum containers came with the development of alloys and techniques that made aluminum suitable for use in packaging. The lightweight, non-corrosive, and malleable nature of aluminum made it an excellent material for packaging applications.

Introducing Foilrite's Disposable Aluminum Pans with Dome Lids, a set of 14 that's about to revolutionize your kitchen game. Each of these rectangular wonders holds a generous 2 1/4 pounds, making them the ultimate kitchen sidekick for everything from potlucks to family dinners.
With their versatile design, these aluminum pans with dome lids are not just for storage—they're your ticket to hassle-free cooking and serving. Perfect for baking, roasting, or transporting your culinary creations, these pans do it all. The rectangular shape isn't just practical; it's a space-saving marvel that makes organizing a breeze, both in the oven and the fridge.
• Feel the strength and reliability of Foilrite's aluminum construction as you cook up a storm or carry your dishes with confidence. The dome lids snugly secure your creations, ensuring that every flavor and aroma stays locked in. These pans are not just disposable; they're a culinary companion that streamlines your kitchen routine, making every step from prep to presentation a walk in the park.
• Whether you're catering a special event or simply prepping meals for the week, these aluminum pans are here to make your life easier. The set of 14 ensures you have more than enough for any occasion, and with each container holding 2 1/4 pounds, you're ready to tackle recipes of all sizes.
Foilrite Disposable Aluminum Pans with Dome Lids are your culinary secret weapon. With their practical design, sturdy construction, and generous capacity, these pans are a must-have for every kitchen. Streamline your cooking process and elevate your serving game with Foilrite, where convenience meets culinary excellence.
• This product was imported directly from China!


• Convenient and easy to use
• Disposable, so no need to clean up
• Sturdy and durable
• Leak-proof
• Freezer safe
• Use for reheating


• Rectangular shape
• Heavy-gauge aluminum pan for durability
• Clear plastic dome lid locks in flavor and temperature
• Leak-proof and grease-proof
• Disposable for easy cleanup


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