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HISPANO Jabon Cuaba Original Laundry Soap 10.58oz (300g)

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BRAND CHECK: Hispano is a popular and well-established laundry soap brand in the Philippines, known for its quality and affordability. The brand's focus on value and accessibility is evident in its pricing strategy and product distribution.

• Laundry day, a domestic chore that transcends time and generations, is an art mastered by those who appreciate the alchemy of cleanliness. Enter Hispano Jabon Cuaba Original Laundry Soap, a true protagonist in the saga of sartorial purity. Weighing in at a respectable 10.58 ounces per bar, this soap brings not just a cleansing ritual but an olfactory journey to the laundry arena.
• Picture this: a solid bar, firm and unwavering, a tactile promise of cleanliness. Its composition, a guarded secret, but you can bet there's a harmonious blend of surfactants, detergents, and perhaps a touch of magic. This isn't just soap; it's a humble alchemist transforming your soiled garments into wearables of newfound freshness.
• Now, let's talk application. Whether you're a loyal washing machine devotee or a romantic at heart with a penchant for handwashing, this soap caters to both schools of laundry thought. For the machinist, consult the packaging oracle for precise instructions, ensuring a dance of detergent that leaves your fabrics singing with cleanliness. Handwash enthusiasts, fear not; a wet garment, a gentle rub of the soap, and a thorough rinse – an intimate affair with your wardrobe's most delicate members.
• Beyond the practical, let's delve into the sensory delight. Fragrance, an often-overlooked symphony in the laundry symposium, finds its crescendo in Hispano Jabon Cuaba. The subtle yet distinctive aroma that lingers on your clothes isn't just a side effect; it's a lingering whisper of the soap's commitment to revitalizing your wardrobe.
• Stain removal, the unsung hero of laundry, finds an ally in this soap. Bid adieu to stubborn blemishes as this soap takes on the role of a stain sorcerer, weaving its magic on those accidental splashes and spills. Each wash isn't just a duty; it's a performance, a choreographic feat orchestrated by Hispano Jabon Cuaba.
• This laundry soap isn't just a bar; it's a cornerstone of cleanliness, a guardian of your garments, and a fragrant companion in the mundane ritual of washing. So, let the choreography of cleanliness commence, and let Hispano Jabon Cuaba be your partner in this timeless dance of fabric and soap.
• This product was imported directly from United States!

Saponified fatty acids, glycerin, water, sodium silicate, EDTA, B.H.T., KR 1978 takso (perfume). Orange yellow no. 6 (dye), tartrazine yellow (dye).

Soak garment. Rub the laundry bar over the garment. Let it soak for a few minutes before rinsing it clean. Dip the garment in fresh water to remove the soap residue. Wrinf out the garment and dry.

• Gentle on all fabrics
• Softens and smooths clothes
• Removes stains
• Environmentally friendly
• Free from harsh chemicals and dyes


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