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JOHNSON’S Baby Cotton Buds, 200 buds

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Your kids are in good hands at JOHNSON'S. They are aware that no parent wants to sacrifice their child's sanitation.

Skin is at its most sensitive when a newborn is born. That's why, after 125 years, we've refined our products to make them even gentler for everyone. Only parts of the finest quality that adhere to our Best for Baby Standards are selected. Great for both children and adults!

• This product comes with 200 buds in a plastic-free recyclable packaging. Each sticks was made in 100% paper too!
• It sanitizes the wrinkles on the skin around the baby's fingers, toes, and other body parts.
• 100% pure cotton tips on naturally absorbent material and sterilized and clinically tested before packaging. 
• Baby cotton buds from Johnson's are safe for their sensitive ears. Because of this, you can even use them to clean your baby's delicate body parts, like the spaces between his or her fingers and toes and nostrils.
• You can also use this baby cotton buds to administer lotions or medications to tender regions.
• This product was imported directly from Italy!

Tips made from 100% pure cotton. Sticks made from 100% paper.

Gently cleanses and dries between baby’s fingers, toes and around the eyes, nose or outer ear. It can also be used to apply cream to blemishes. Ideal for applying and removing make-up and cleaning around eyes and outer ear.

Do not insert into the ear canal or nose. If using on ears, use gently to remove dirt from the outer surface of the ear only. Improper use can cause injury. If problems occur, consult a physician. Keep out of reach of children.

Best for baby. Best for you.


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