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KOMAX Comex Rubber Gloves Large Size (21.5cm x 38cm) - 코메스 고무장갑

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BRAND CHECK:  Komax deliver innovative and high-quality products that enhance the everyday lives of their customers. They may aim to provide practical and functional solutions that make tasks in the kitchen and household more efficient, convenient, and enjoyable.

Introducing a large size rubber gloves, your trusted companion for all your cleaning and dishwashing endeavors. These gloves are specially designed to provide unparalleled protection, comfort, and longevity, ensuring that your hands stay shielded from harsh chemicals, scalding water, and abrasive surfaces.

• Crafted with premium-grade rubber, these gloves boast exceptional resistance against tears, punctures, and abrasions, making them ideal for tackling even the toughest tasks. With a Round 21.5 centimeter and Length 38 centimeter size, these gloves offer a snug and secure fit, allowing you to confidently carry out your cleaning duties.
This rubber gloves are your go-to solution for a wide range of household chores. From washing dishes to scrubbing floors, cleaning bathrooms to gardening, and handling chemicals, these gloves are up to the task. With these gloves on, you can take on any cleaning challenge without worrying about damaging your hands or coming into direct contact with harmful substances.
Designed with an enhanced texture, these gloves provide a superior grip and control. The rubber material ensures a non-slip surface, allowing you to firmly grasp wet or slippery objects with ease. Their flexibility and stretchability guarantee a comfortable and precise fit, enabling you to handle delicate tasks effortlessly.
• Consistency is key, and these gloves deliver just that. With a uniform thickness and reliable consistency, they provide consistent protection and durability throughout. The rubber material is soft and pliable, ensuring maximum comfort during prolonged use. To enhance comfort further, the gloves are lined with a cotton flocking interior, which absorbs moisture and keeps your hands dry.
• Keeping your gloves clean is a breeze. After each use, simply rinse them with water and mild soap, then let them air dry. Thanks to their mold and mildew-resistant design, you can trust that your gloves will stay fresh and hygienic, ready for the next cleaning session.
• Investing in a pair means investing in the well-being of your hands. Not only do these gloves provide exceptional functionality, but they also contribute to a greener planet. By opting for reusable gloves instead of disposable ones, you're making an eco-conscious choice that reduces waste and promotes sustainability.
• With their durable construction, comfortable fit, and reliable protection, these gloves make household chores a breeze. From washing dishes to tackling tough cleaning jobs, these gloves are designed to meet your expectations. Choose Comex brand and experience the perfect balance of functionality, comfort, and durability.
• This product was imported directly from South Korea!

100% Natural Latex (Raw Rubber).

Round: 21.5cm
Length: 38cm

General household use such as washing dishes and laundry.

Precautions when using rubber gloves:
• Be careful not to come into contact with fire or hot objects.
• Avoid contact with oil and solvents as much as possible.
• Be careful not to get hurt by sharp things.
• When drying after use, it is recommended to turn inside out and dry in the shade.
• Do not store in a refrigerator as there is a risk of cracking when stored in a refrigerator.


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