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LIVING Clay Pot No. 6 Karenka Deep Clay Pot White Color for 1-2 People

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FUN FACT:  Pots dates back thousands of years to ancient civilizations. Humans have been using various forms of pots for cooking, storing food, and carrying liquids since prehistoric times. The earliest known pots were made of clay and were created by shaping and firing the clay in kilns.

• Introducing a culinary gem that brings the art of cooking to your kitchen. Designed with the needs of 1-2 people in mind, this pot is perfect for those seeking a delightful and convenient cooking experience.

• Immerse yourself in the world of flavors with this exceptional clay pot that boasts incredible heat retention. Crafted from high-quality clay, it evenly distributes heat, allowing your meals to cook gently and uniformly. Say goodbye to unevenly cooked dishes and hello to perfectly tender and flavorful results.
• With its generous capacity and deep design opens up a world of culinary possibilities. From hearty soups and comforting stews to aromatic curries and mouthwatering braised meats, this pot is your ticket to creating memorable dishes that will impress your loved ones.
• Experience the smooth texture and solid construction of this clay pot, providing you with a reliable and durable cooking companion. Its dense consistency ensures optimal heat distribution, while the natural clay material creates a gentle and nurturing environment for your ingredients to shine.
• Versatility is at your fingertips as it can be used on various heat sources. Whether you prefer stovetop cooking, oven baking, or even an open flame, this pot can handle it all. Sauté, simmer, or braise to your heart's content, knowing that this pot can effortlessly handle the heat.
Embrace the benefits of cooking with clay, as this pot is free from harmful chemicals and additives. Your health and well-being are of utmost importance, and this clay pot ensures that your meals are prepared in a safe and pure manner. Plus, the subtle earthy flavor that clay imparts to your dishes will transport your taste buds to new heights of satisfaction.
• Indulge in the joy of creating culinary masterpieces. Its compact size makes it ideal for everyday use, and its efficient heat distribution guarantees outstanding results. From savory stews that warm your soul to nourishing soups that comfort your body, this clay pot will elevate your cooking endeavors.
• To make the most of your clay pot, remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper care and maintenance. Seasoning and cleaning guidelines ensure that your pot retains its optimal performance and longevity, allowing you to enjoy its culinary benefits for years to come. Elevate your cooking game with and embark on a flavorful journey like no other.
• This product was imported directly from Japan!


Width: 9.3 x Depth 7.5 
Height: 4.5 inches (23.5 x 19 x 11.5 cm)

• The earthenware pot easily absorbs moisture, so wash it immediately once it cools down, and never put it on fire until it is completely dry to prevent it from cracking due to sudden temperature changes.
• Since the earthenware pot originally has fine holes, it is necessary to seal the holes with rice or wheat starch (glue) to tighten the soil of the earthenware pot and prevent odors and stains. It is recommended to keep it.

[Warning] In order to use this product correctly, be sure to observe the following precautions:
• "No Empty Cooking" Never cook empty. Doing so may cause fire or damage to the main unit. Never leave the soba unattended while cooking.
• "Continuous use prohibited" Do not use continuously. Once you have cooked in a pot, be sure to dry it in a well-ventilated place for a day or night before using it. Insufficient drying increases the risk of breakage.
• “No cooking with oil” Please do not cook with oil such as tempura, fries, or deep-fried food. The main body will absorb oil and become abnormally hot, which may cause fire or damage to the donabe body.
• "Beware of moisture" Please use after confirming that there is no moisture on the bottom and sides of the earthen pot. (If you put it on fire while it is wet, it may cause cracks.) Also, do not pour cold water on the heated body or give it a sudden temperature change. Risk of breakage.
• "Preservation prohibited" Do not store food in a clay pot for a long time (overnight, etc.). (It will absorb the soup stock and cause damage, corrosion, and burning.) Be sure to transfer it to another container as soon as possible and store it.
• This product is intended for home cooking. Never use it for commercial purposes.

Handling Precautions. Please read before use.
Before using:
• When using the product for the first time, make sure that there are no cracks, cracks, or chips on the main body or lid, wash the product thoroughly, and seal it before use.
• To seal the rice, pour water (or about 2 tablespoons of flour dissolved in water) into about 80% of the pot, boil over low or medium heat for about 10 minutes, and let stand until it cools down of.
• After throwing it away, let it dry for about one night before using it.
• The outer bottom of the earthen pot may be blackened when filling. This is not a harmful substance because the starch contained in the filling liquid seeps out and burns. There is no problem in use.
• Water may seep out due to the characteristics of heat-resistant ceramics, but this is not a product defect. If you can block the eyes, you can prevent bleeding.
• If water seeps out even after sealing, repeat the same process until it stops. It usually stops after 2-3 times.

For safe use:
• The clay pot is made of ceramic and is fragile. Please handle with care. Do not use if it is cracked or chipped.
• During or immediately after cooking, the main body is hot and there is a danger of burns. The knob on the lid and the handle on the main unit will also get hot. Be sure to use potholders. (Do not touch with bare hands.) Be especially careful not to let children touch it. Also, be careful of the steam coming out of the hole in the lid.

Precautions when heating:
• For the first few times, use medium heat or lower until the earthenware pot gets used to the heat.
• Do not turn the heat to high until the earthen pot is warm. (There is a risk of damage due to sudden changes in temperature.)
• When placing an earthenware pot on a table, etc., be sure to use a thick trivet to avoid scratching the surface. Please note that paper and cloth may burn.
• Cannot be used in a microwave oven, oven, or dishwasher. Risk of breakage.

Care after use:
• Because earthenware pots are water absorbent, please do not soak and wash them.
• When cleaning, do not use acidic or alkaline substances such as vinegar and baking soda.
• After washing, drain the water well, allow it to dry naturally, and store it naked. Even if the surface is dry, the inside contains moisture. Please dry thoroughly as it may cause mold.
• If you use it for a long time after purchase, water may seep out.


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