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MODERNWARE Designer Paper Plates Heavy Duty 10CT (10.06in - 25.5cm)

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FUN FACT: Martin Keyes is credited with inventing the paper plate. In 1904, he filed a patent for a "Disposable Paper Plate" in Boston, Massachusetts. His invention aimed to provide a convenient and sanitary alternative to traditional ceramic or metal plates.

• Introducing Modernware Designer Paper Plates Heavy Duty—a game-changer in the world of disposable dinnerware.
• Picture this: Plates that are not just plates but heavy-duty marvels, designed to withstand whatever culinary creations you throw their way. And it gets better—they come adorned with modern designer patterns, turning your table into a canvas of style and sophistication.
• Let's talk versatility—these plates aren't just for show. They're your go-to for effortless entertaining, whether it's a lively gathering or a laid-back family meal. But wait, there's more. These plates are your everyday dining heroes, providing a convenient and hassle-free solution to your mealtime needs.
• What can you do with them, you ask? The possibilities are endless. Set a stylish table with these designer plates, turning each meal into a visual feast. Serving appetizers, main courses, or desserts? No problem—do it with flair, thanks to the sturdy and consistent texture of these plates.
• Now, let's delve into their function. These plates are not just about style; they're reliable dining companions. They stand firm under the weight of your culinary creations, ensuring every bite is enjoyed with both elegance and sturdiness.
And here's the clincher—each pack brings you 10 of these heavy-duty beauties. That's right, 10 opportunities to elevate your dining experience, 10 chances to make a statement at your next gathering.
Say goodbye to the mundane and embrace the fusion of style and reliability with Modernware Designer Paper Plates Heavy Duty. Your table has never looked this good, and your dining experiences have never been this effortless. Get ready to plate up perfection—10 times over!
• This product was imported directly from Philippines!

• Convenient and affordable
• Durable and strong
• Lightweight and easy to dispose of
• Microwave safe
• Stylish and modern designs

• Heavy duty paper construction
• Microwave safe
• Designer patterns


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