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Morinaga Hi-Chew Mixed Soda Flavor Soft Candy 3.9 Oz (110g)

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BRAND CHECK: Morinaga is a Japanese company that's been making tasty treats since 1899. They love creating delicious and innovative products that bring joy to people's lives. Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a leader in the food industry, known for using only the best ingredients and the latest tech to make amazing products.

• This candy is a must-try for any fan of fizzy drinks and juicy fruits. With a combination of Sparkling Coke, Apple Soda, and Grape Soda flavors, you'll get to indulge in three of the most popular carbonated drink flavors in one pack.
• The texture of these candies is truly special - they're soft, chewy, and elastic, which means you can stretch them, twist them, and play with them before savoring the juicy flavor. The juice inside each candy is super blooming, giving you an explosion of flavor with every bite.
• When it comes to pairing these candies, you have many options. For a classic pairing, enjoy them with a refreshing glass of soda or sparkling water. If you're feeling adventurous, try pairing them with your favorite cocktail or mocktail for a unique twist on a classic drink.
• Not only do these candies taste amazing, but they're also made with no synthetic colors, 0g trans fat, and are cholesterol-free and gluten-free. So you can indulge in a guilt-free treat that's also delicious.
• The possibilities of what you can do with these candies are endless. You can use them to decorate cupcakes or cakes, mix them into a homemade trail mix, or even crush them up and sprinkle them on top of your favorite ice cream. The rich and juicy flavor of these candies is sure to take any snack to the next level.
• In terms of texture and consistency, these candies are soft and chewy, yet elastic and bouncy. The candy's inner layer is juicy and bursting with flavor, while the outer layer has a slightly crisp texture that adds an extra dimension of enjoyment.
• Each pack comes with 110 grams of candy, giving you plenty of chewy goodness to enjoy or share with friends and family. With this candy, you'll get a unique and delicious candy experience that you won't find anywhere else.
• This product was imported directly from Taiwan!

This product contains soy and its products The production equipment of this product also produces peanuts, nuts, sesame, gluten-containing grains, mango, kiwi fruit, milk, eggs, soybeans and other related products

Starch syrup, sucrose, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, rock sugar, gelatin, xylitol (D-xylitol (sweetener), maltodextrin, gum arabic), spices (including syrup, citric acid, caramel coloring, D -Sorbitol liquid 70% (sweetener), acetic acid), citric acid, DL-malic acid, emulsifier (fatty acid sucrose ester, fatty acid sorbitan ester), grape juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate, caramel coloring, carbonic acid Sodium hydrogen (containing sugar, sodium metaphosphate), vegetable and fruit extracts (carrot juice concentrate, blueberry juice concentrate, citric acid), carrot pigment (D-sorbitol (sweetener), sunflower oil, water, carrot extract, lemon Glycerides, Vitamins C and E (antioxidants)
  • 10Q/C


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