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PALMOLIVE Essential Clean Dishwashing Liquid with Lemon Citrus Zest Scent 28fl oz (1.75PT) 828mL

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BRAND CHECK: For over 150 years, Palmolive has been a trusted name in household cleaning, helping families keep their homes sparkling and fresh. From their iconic green dish soap to a wide range of innovative products, Palmolive offers something for every household need.

Meet Palmolive Essential Clean Dishwashing Liquid with Lemon Citrus Zest Scent – the kitchen game-changer in a 28 fluid ounce bottle, ready to revolutionize your dishwashing escapades. Packed with punch and oozing versatility, this liquid dynamo is your dish-dirtying nemesis.
• Feel the power as Lemon Citrus Zest scent takes center stage, turning mundane dishwashing into a fragrant adventure. Palmolive's mission is clear – grime, be gone! Glide through grease effortlessly with a texture that's silky smooth and a consistency that's just right. It’s not just a dish liquid; it's a citrus-infused, grease-busting symphony.
• But hold on, Palmolive Essential Clean isn’t confined to dish duty – it's a versatile sidekick ready to conquer kitchen chaos. Unleash it on countertops, banish grease from stovetops, and watch as it transforms surfaces into sparkling realms of cleanliness. A 28 fluid ounce bottle ensures a reservoir of freshness at your fingertips, ready to combat any kitchen battleground.
Palmolive is on a mission: make dishwashing efficient, effective, and enjoyable. The Lemon Citrus Zest scent adds a fragrant twist to mundane tasks, turning them into a citrusy delight. It's not just a dish liquid; it's a fragrant voyage to cleanliness, inviting you to embrace the zest and conquer the grime with every squeeze.
• Palmolive Essential Clean Dishwashing Liquid with Lemon Citrus Zest Scent isn’t just soap; it's a fragrant ally in your kitchen odyssey. Bid farewell to the dull and mundane, and welcome the zest – Palmolive is here to infuse joy into your kitchen, one citrusy dish at a time. It’s not just a dish liquid; it's your ticket to a zestier, cleaner kitchen experience.
• This product was imported directly from United States!


• Cleans dishes tough on grease and soft on hands
• Made with 100% biodegradable cleaning ingredients
• Phosphate-free
• Made in a TRUE-certified zero waste facility
• Refreshing lemon citrus zest scent

• Unique blend of enzymes and surfactants
• Lemon citrus zest scent
• 828 mL bottle
• Affordable price

Water/eau, sodium laureth sulfate or sodium c12-15 alketh sulfate, chloride, lauramidopropylamine oxide, poloxamer 124, fragrance/parfum, sodium tetrasodium colorants. Glutamate diacetate, methylisothiazolinone, benzisothiazolinone.

Do not use in automatic dishwashers.

May iritate eyes. If product contacts eyes, rinse immediately with water. Keep out of children, do not mix with other cleaning products to avoid irritating fumes.


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