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RA's Farm Wheat Flour (Self-Rising) 5.5LB (2.5 Kg) - 理斯衣场富强粉自发粉,不用酵母 2.5 Kg

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  • If you want to make muffins, pancakes, or tender biscuits, rising flour is your jam. Like all-purpose flour, self-rising flour is made from wheat, although it’s a wheat that is low in protein. Self-rising flour is a staple in the South, as the low-protein wheat it is made from originates there
  • Also like all-purpose flour, self-rising flour is enriched with added nutrition. It also contains salt and baking powder that has been distributed evenly throughout the flour and acts as a leavening agent
  • This raising agent helps dough to rise without having to add yeast
  • You should only use self-rising flour as a substitute for other types of flour very carefully, due to the leavening effect. If you aren’t careful, you may not end up with the desired result
  • The same goes for using all purpose flour if your recipe calls for self-rising
  • Product of China


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