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Saborino Morning Beauty Fresh Face Citrus & Avocado Mask 32 Sheets

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  • SABORINO Morning Beauty Mask Strawberry Aroma
  • A face mask to be used specifically in the morning
  • Just apply this all-in-one mask to the skin directly after waking up and enjoy all the benefits of face washing, skin care, and a skin care makeup base
  • Its cooling and firming effects and skin care ingredients help fight baggy, puffy skin
  • Simply wipe off the excess serum when you remove the mask to rid your skin of excess dead skin cells and dirt, while moisturizing ingredients keep your skin hydrated all day long
  • Skin care from facial cleansing completed in 60 seconds!
  • A pack of refreshing Japanese sheet masks for morning use
  • The daily use sheet mask has the functions of a face wash, skin care, and moisturizing primer in one quick step
  • It contains gentle fruit acid and a botanical blend to soften and remove dead skin cells while tightening skin. Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Honey, and Vitamin C help replenish the skin with moisture
  • Yellow Saborino Morning Masks are the original of the line! Suitable for all skin types, they contain grapefruit extract, orange oil, and avocado essence
  • The generous formulation of moisturizing ingredients effectively moisturize the skin, while refreshingly cool menthol helps get rid of early morning puffiness.
  • Product of Japan


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