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Sangaria Ramune Soda Lychee Flavor, 6.76 Fl Oz (200mL)

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What does Lychee soda taste like?

The MOST POPULAR SODA IN JAPAN - Ramuné bottles are famous for their caps - we use a marble to seal them! We have Ramune LYCHEE Flavor which is Smooth, Bubbly, Fizzy and Fun Japanese Soda to enjoy with your favorite Japanese Snacks, Japanese Food, Japanese candy and Asian foods.

• Sangaria Ramune Carbonated Soft Drink made with real sugar and low fat.
• It has a unique shaped glass bottle that is sealed with a fun marble that acts as a stopper for these japanese drinks - Very fun to open and drink
• Has 2.20 x 2.20 x 8.00 Inches product dimension, 1 bottle (200mL)
• Proudly made in Japan!

Carbonated Water, Sugar, Natural Flavor (Lychee), Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate

1. Serve Ramune drink chilled. 2. Remove the plastic film from the top. 3. Pop out the center from the cap, which will be used to open the bottle. 4. Place the opener at the top of the bottle and press down firmly. 5. Drink with the indented neck side facing down to trap the marble. 6. Enjoy the drink.

Serve chilled for best result

• Ask an adult to open the bottle for you.
• Do not remove the mouthpiece or the marble from the bottle
• Do not play with the bottle. discard after consumption.
• Do not store this product in the freezer or expose to high temperature
• Do not consume if any part of the bottle is broken.

Have a taste of Japan!

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