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Solstice BEE BRAND Medicated Oil (Topical Analgesic) 3Fl Oz (90mL)

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  • Solstice BEE BRAND Medicated Oil (Topical Analgesic) 3Fl Oz  (90mL)
  • Bee Brand Medicated Oil provides temporary relief of aches and pains, most commonly caused by muscle pulls and sprains. It also provides temporary relief for minor pain from arthritis and backache.
  • Benefits: Bee Brand Medicated Oil contains menthol, which is an organic compound that is derived from peppermint and other types of mints. It works by triggering a cold sensation on the skin, which helps to provide pain relief. It is commonly used as a topical analgesic, and is effective in relieving muscle and joint pain temporarily.
  • This oil also contains camphor. This oil has a dual hot and cold action on the skin. It first numbs and cools your skin's nerve endings, and then it warms the area as it stimulates circulation to the affected area. Together with menthol, camphor helps to provide temporary pain relief from common body aches and pains.
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