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XTRATUFF ULTRA STRONG Large Plastic Trash Bag 12CT (26 Gallon) 98.4L

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FUN FACT: In 1950, the Canadian inventors Harry Wasylyk and Larry Hansen created the first plastic garbage bag. They were working for the Winnipeg-based Union Carbide company, and their goal was to find a practical use for the newly invented and popularized plastic, polyethylene.

Meet the Xtratuff Ultra Strong Large Plastic Trash Bag, your ultimate waste disposal companion neatly rolled up in sets of 12. These aren't just your run-of-the-mill trash bags; they're tough contenders ready to tackle any trash you throw their way.
• Let's talk versatility – these bags don't discriminate. Whether it's kitchen leftovers, everyday waste, or the occasional heavyweight item, the Xtratuff Ultra Strong Trash Bags rise to the occasion, adapting effortlessly to various disposal needs.
• Now, let's dive into the tactile wonders of these bags. Crafted for strength, they boast a sturdy texture that ensures resilience. The consistency guarantees reliability, providing a sturdy barrier that doesn't falter under the weight of your daily refuse. It's not just about bagging trash; it's about creating a dependable shield that keeps your space tidy and mess-free.
• Functionality is where these ultra-strong trash bags shine. Engineered for heavy-duty use, they're up for the task of handling daily waste disposal in any room of your home. The Xtratuff Ultra Strong Trash Bags aren't merely containers; they're your reliable partners in maintaining cleanliness and order in your living spaces.
Practicality is key, and these trash bags have it in spades. Whether you're strategically placing them in various bins around your home or utilizing them for more extensive clean-up endeavors, the Xtratuff Ultra Strong Large Plastic Trash Bags offer practicality with every roll.
• The Xtratuff Ultra Strong Large Plastic Trash Bag isn't just a bag for your trash; it's a dependable sidekick in managing your household waste. Embrace the straightforward efficiency of Xtratuff Ultra Strong Trash Bags, turning your daily trash management into a seamless and reliable task, one bag at a time.
• This product was imported directly from United States!

• Holds up to even the heaviest loads
• Prevents leaks
• Easy to use
• Affordable

• Ultra-strong plastic construction
• Double-seam seal for leak prevention
• Large capacity (26 gallons)
• BPA-free

Plastic bag can cause suffocation. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this bag and all plastic bags away from babies and children. Do not permit children to play with them. Do not use this bag in cribs, beds, carriage, or playpens. Not recommended for food storage.


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