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Lays x Pop Mart Limited Edition Potato Chips

The dreamy collaboration between Lay's and the super popular IP Bubble Matt, limited edition joint potato chips are waiting for you! Select potato, farm-grown potatoes grow freely in the fields, and absorb the full solar energy. The original cut potato chips are used to retain the natural and original flavor of potatoes. Every bite is "kazikazi", crispy and refreshing. The rich butter fragrance and the delicious matsutake fragrance are tangy and umami-esque. If you're a mushroom lover, give this a try!

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An Uplifting Sparkling Water Brand

Genki Forest

Whoever said sparkling water is boring hasn't had ours. Genki Forest's sugar-free, flavored sparkling waters inspired by Asian flavors, twists on tradition, and nostalgia. With 0 calories and sublimely sweet tastes, they're light but pack a big punch! The finishing touch is a double-down on bubbles -- ours are 1.5x fizzier than other sparkling drinks. More fizz, more fun, and more flavor to inspire the senses.