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CAVALIER Food Storage Bags with Gallon Size 3.5L & 50 Bags (27.9cm x 31.7cm)

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BRAND CHECK: Plastic food wrap, commonly known as plastic cling film or plastic wrap, has its origin in the mid-20th century. Its development is attributed to Ralph and Robert Dewey, who were American inventors and entrepreneurs.

Step into the world of culinary convenience with Cavalier Food Storage Bags – your kitchen superheroes for easy and organized storage. In this pack of 50, each bag is a versatile solution, ready to simplify your daily kitchen routines.
• These bags are more than just storage; they're adaptable companions for your culinary adventures. Whether you're preserving leftovers, preparing ingredients for a meal, or organizing your pantry, the Gallon Size with 3.5 liters per box ensures you have the perfect space for all your storage needs.
• Feel the smooth texture of Cavalier Food Storage Bags as they effortlessly cradle your food. Crafted for reliability, they are easy to handle and seal, providing a secure enclosure for anything from marinating meats to storing snacks. The consistent design ensures flexibility, allowing these bags to adapt to different shapes and sizes with ease.
• At the core of Cavalier Food Storage Bags is a commitment to simplifying your food storage journey. With 50 bags in each pack, you have an abundance of storage solutions at your fingertips. Whether you're a meal prepper, a snack organizer, or simply someone who values an orderly kitchen, these bags are your ticket to streamlined storage.
• Versatile, reliable, and boasting a smooth texture, these bags are the unsung heroes of your culinary space. Elevate your kitchen game with the practical features of Cavalier Food Storage Bags – because organized storage should be as effortless as your culinary creations.
• This product was imported directly from India!


• Keep your food fresh and protected for longer
• Prevent freezer burn and spoilage
• Safe for storing food in the fridge, freezer, and microwave
• BPA-free and made with high-quality materials


• Double-zipper seal for a secure closure
• Leak-proof design to prevent spills and messes
• Clear plastic construction for easy visibility of contents

To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this bag away from babies and children. Do not use this bag in cribs, beds, carriages, or playpens.


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