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Farmer Brand Dried Bamboo Shoot 3 Oz (85 g) - 神农 竹笙 85g

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  •  Bamboo shoots also known as bamboo sprouts are a culinary must-have in various dishes and soups, in Southeast Asian cuisine and in few parts of India
  • In many ancient traditional medicine texts, bamboo shoots are described as ‘The Poor Man’s Timber’, ‘The Plant With Thousand Faces’, ‘The Green Gold’ owing to its innumerable therapeutic properties
  • Bamboo shoots are a powerhouse of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and minerals. These shoots are very low on fat and sugar making it an ideal snack for the diabetics. The presence of fiber in large quantities known as nutraceuticals helps in dealing with gut issues.
  • Great for Soups and Side Dishes
  • Product of China


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