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GLAD, Cling'n Seal Plastic Food Wrap, 200 Square Foot Roll - 1 pack, 200 sq ft (69YD x 11-5/8") 18.5m^2 (63m x 29.5 cm)

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Do you like wrapping excess food? 

GLAD makes products that help keep food fresh. We've been doing it for over 50 years, and our products keep getting better. GLAD's best-ever CLING'N SEAL is easy to use and dispense. So whether you're portioning food, preparing food, steaming food or protecting food-count on GLAD. 

• FOOD PLASTIC WRAPS: Glad's Variety Pack has you covered with one each 200 sqft Cling ‘N Seal providing the ideal food storage necessity; Package may vary.
• Extend foods' freshness with Cling ‘N Seal plastic food wrap which grips tightly while keeping air out with a safe & secure seal that clings to variety of surfaces
•  Glad food wraps are BPA free, microwave-safe & offers secure, airtight seal protection for all kitchen & household needs from freezing leftovers to Sunday meal prep.

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You'll be GLAD you did


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